The Quick Burn: A Naturally Beautiful Blending Of Burning Man And Marine Logistic Expeditionary Tactics

I recall clearly when I first saw the shadow of doubt in his eyes as I stopped another attempt from him to explain the obvious advantages to loading trucks the way he wanted me to, using language from AutoCad that frankly made my brain stop and wait impatiently for him to pause. “Look, you gave me a budget, yes? And I am within budget, yes? Then since I am in charge will you please let me do it the way I know how?” Same objectives, only mine was filtered through Marine Corps Training that I could not translate into Millennial. Got fired for that. We do judge books by the cover. Could be the exact same thing we are saying, the fact that he couldn’t be sure of it, meant I was falling and he couldn’t chance that. Ah! Much better! See Project Manager, an example in real life of what I was doing. Be a little more understand of us aged Burner Marines on future projects, yes?


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