Guide: The VA Ups – Veterans Admin News 919 Jobs Report – Not ‘honey do’s’, these are the ‘feed yous ‘ 1 Marine= All Marines – unifying stories Cyber Patrol – news on web safety of your 35-65, you Firewatch Duty Roster for 25-35 yrs, urgent alert warning of an invasion by Mars if your 65+, BONUS- A free ice cream for 95+, thanks for sticking around to see us Final Frontiers – exploration and discovery ITFH – Podcast Quick Word – quick shares of relevant or fun things Social or Sharing The Share: articles shared to me Bock Like A Chicken! You must list all of the assets you are releasing to the current Judge Advocate and when your the update to your Last Will and Testment has named said Advocate at sole inheritor of the any and all grain and seed in your possession. IMMEDIATE REPEASE by Captain Obvious – corrections, redactions, unfounded or unjustified giving, unauthorized initiative reports, silently pleading the right to remain quiet when the rest of us can hear YOU LOUD AND CLEAR Semper Gumbs – wise anecdotes, observations, and inappropriate sounding noises from good Ol Grandpa Gumby. Not as flexible, like in his Gumby youth, Senper Gumbs now ensures all those who have failed to gain the experience he has gained by…” what’s that Gumbs?No need to shout! Your what? What? NO, I am not a Blichead Gumbs! I dont like huh ow your pointing that single hand paddle at le Gumbs, back off, this isn’t an adventure, is 2019, heelp!! Run! Its better if we disperse! 8f confuses his attempts to be flexible, adapt, and overcome! Of course we want that! Why else would be here? Must be Blockheads!!


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